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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GTA IV Official Website - PC Section Added, Video Editor Details Emerge

Posted by adamcs at 00:33. Category: General

Rockstar Games have updated the official GTA IV website with a new section dedicated to the PC version. It features a screenshots section (containing all of the screenshots featured in our gallery) a section containing general information, and a section providing a wealth of information about the new video editor feature.

"Exclusive to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, the all-new Video Editor feature allows you to capture in-game footage (whether single-player or multiplayer gameplay), make real-time edits and render out clips as WMV video files.

"When something amazing happens while playing the game, simply press the F2 button on your keyboard and the last 30-45 seconds (duration varies based on user settings and specifications) of gameplay will be automatically dumped to your hard drive as raw footage.

GTA IV PC Video Editor Interface GTA IV PC Video Editor Interface
GTA IV PC video editor interface

"Then, load up the in-game Video Editor (easily accessible through your in-game mobile phone) to edit away - with a suite of tools that can change the camera angle, audio, speed, and depth of field - plus post-production special effects to tweak colors and add filters.

"You can also digitally splice together a collection of your raw clips to create a montage video. Add in-game music, custom titling and transitions to polish it off and then share your masterpiece online by uploading to Rockstar Games Social Club TV. There, you will be able to watch other Grand Theft Auto IV videos posted by Social Club members, rate and comment on videos, and participate in ongoing contests."

Some sample clips made using the video editor feature can be found here, and some screenshots showing off the interface can be found here.

Sample clip made using the GTA IV PC video editor.

Link: Grand Theft Auto IV Official Website - PC Section

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