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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1up Preview Multiplayer on the PC Version of GTA 4

Posted by CharmingCharlie at 22:41. Category: General

Well the hype train is just getting into gear for the PC version (do trains have gears ?). We have seen plenty of media attention devoted to the video editor that will be exclusive to the PC version. However so far there has been nothing on what the multiplayer will be like.

Well wait no more 1up did a bit of death matching whilst no one was looking and from their accounts it sounds like they enjoyed it very much. Obviously they confirm what we already known about the increased multiplayer capacity, up to 32 players for the PC version. They also confirmed that there is a custom match browser so you can pick and choose rather than just being thrown into a random match. In fact why are you reading me read the preview instead it's much more interesting :-

1up Multiplayer Preview Link

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You can also find 8 new screenshots in the 1up gallery here :-

1up Gallery

UPDATE: I thought I would just add a quick update to this story rather than create a whole new story about basically the same thing. Just received word that IGN have posted their preview of the PC multiplayer action. It more or less says the same as 1up but you might want to give it a read. Many thanks to CB3 from GTAforums for finding this :-

IGN Multiplayer Preview Link

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