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Sunday, November 30, 2008

GTA 4 for PC - Not Delayed In India

Posted by CharmingCharlie at 14:23. Category: General

I feel like bit of a yoyo here chopping and changing. A few days ago we reported that due to the Mumbai tragedy GTA4 for the PC was going to be delayed in India.

Well it looks like it won't be delayed now which is very good news for our Indian GTA fans but bad news for me because adamcs is going to tell me off.

The website that initally reported the delay is now saying :-

"it looks like you really wouldn’t have to wait after all if you were planning to drive Mr. Bellic around town on your monster PC. So yes, the game is coming out on December 3rd, as originally planned and yes, it will be available at the previously mentioned low, low price of INR 499, so there’s really no excuse not to buy one copy for playing and one NRFB copy for a keepsake, like someone I know is planning to do."

The site also states again that the game will be so for the incredibly low price of INR 499 (around 10 bucks). So good news all around really, many thanks to GTAforums member micheal687 for finding this story.

Source :- theangrypixel

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