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Friday, February 20, 2009

Game with Rockstar!

Posted by adamcs at 22:20. Category: General

This weekend is the final three days of Xbox 360's TLAD Xbox LIVE Week. At the time of writing this it is 5 PM EST (10 PM GMT) and for the next four hours you have the opportunity to play online with some of the crew from Rockstar North. Tomorrow, from 4-7 PM EST (9-12 PM GMT), you'll have the chance to play with soundtrack artist and Beat 102.7 DJ Statik Selektah + guests.

Here is the list of gamertags to look out for:

Game with Rockstar Gamertags:

RstarGames01, RstarGames02, RstarGames03, RstarGames04, RstarGames05, RstarGames06, RstarGames07, RstarGames08, RstarGames09, RstarGames10, RstarGames11, RstarGames12, RstarGames13, RstarGames14, RstarGames15, RstarGames16, RstarGames17, RstarGames18, RstarGames19, RstarGames20

Game with Fame Gamertags:

RstarStatik, RstarSaigon, RstarSkyzoo, RstrTermanology

A full calendar of events is available here.

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