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Monday, March 16, 2009

CW: First review

Posted by saintdave at 17:11. Category: General

Nintendo - The official magazine (issue 41, April 2009) has a “world exclusive review” on Chinatown Wars as revealed in the following thread.

The review also reveals some facts regarding the multiplayer side of the game.

- Survivor mode is the standard multiplayer death match played either over Wi-Fi with a nearby Chinatown Wars-owning pal or online. With police involved too, it gets pretty frantic.

- You can destroy all your rivals stuff, then plant a bomb in their base in the charmingly-titles gang bang multiplayer mode. It’s utterly chaotic and offers surprisingly tactical fun.

- Single race and season are the vehicle-based multiplayer modes and are both great fun with a friend. You can also turn on a death race option to bump up the weapon count and overall chaos a notch.

- Fight off wave after wave of mobsters in the defend the base co-op mode. As with all the multiplayer options, you can choose your battle ground from a variety of locales. Smart use of grenades is key.

- You can even give a friend a stash of cash or drugs over Wi-Fi. As well as that you can also send them details of your ‘favourites’ on the Liberty City map in order to guide them towards other cool stuff.

Their verdict? Pros - Enormous game map, fantastic visuals, classic GTA gameplay, quality multiplayer modes. Cons - Dangerously addictive. Vast, visually stunning and every bit as good as any other GTA. And that’s no mean feat. 94%.

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