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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Social Club: Friends and Message Wall Now Available

Posted by adamcs at 21:37. Category: General
Friends and Message Wall

Two new features are available on the Rockstar Games Social Club - Friends List and Message Wall.

The Friend System allows each Social Club member to create a custom Friends list based on either:

  • Friends lists taken directly from platforms you have linked to the Social Club.
  • Your specific Social Club nicknames and/or console identifiers (like a Gamertag).

Once you have created a Friends List you can begin using the Message Wall. The Message Wall is a unique verbal and visual means of mouthing off to your Friends including a direct message system and customizable personal graffiti wall. Communicate, talk trash with your Friends, and decorate and/or desecrate each others Walls at will. More additions will be made to the Friends System and Message Wall in future.

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