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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Official Xbox Magazine Spain Preview

Posted by adamcs at 07:34. Category: Ballad of Gay Tony

A Spanish GTA fan site has obtained a copy of the latest issue of OXM Spain. It contains a multi-page preview of The Ballad of Gay Tony, with new details and 13 new screenshots.

Here are the main new details so far (we are awaiting a full translation):

  • Two new vehicles seen during the preview: SWAT tank and a Rolls Royce Phantom.
  • New weapons: AA-12 combat shotgun, satchel charges.
  • Among the new minigames are base jumping, club dancing, and club bodyguard (which involves ejecting troublemakers from the club).
  • The Bahama Mamas exterior has been modified slightly. The stairs leading to the entrance have been removed, and there's now a fence surrounding the entrance where the queue forms.

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