Remember Me

Has GTA IV influenced you to commit crimes?

Nope, it's just a game.
Only petty crimes.
Stealing has become a hobby.
Yes, can't say more, cops are coming.
I am the living incarnation of Niko.

Screenshot Gallery

Visual fodder for the overly inquisitive. Do with them as you please.

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_gtaiv_screenshot _gta_iv_niko_armed _gta_iv_screenshot _gta_iv_car_cops _gtaiv_broker_bridge_hill _gtaiv_broker_liberty_yard _gtaiv_algonquin_chinatown _gtaiv_bar _gtaiv_hood _gtaiv_broker_bridge_dusk _gtaiv_broker_dawn_cherkov _gtaiv_broker_full_auto _gtaiv_algonquin_times_square_shopper _gtaiv_broker_hill _gtaiv_broker_brownstone _gtaiv_broker_elevated_tracks _gtaiv_broker_bridge_train _gtaiv_broker_dock_night_twitchins_sugar_factory _gtaiv_niko_bellic_broker_bridge _gtaiv_broker_bridge _gtaiv_niko_bellic_heckler _gtaiv_alderney_algonquin_skyline

Pages: 1 ... 15 16 17

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