Remember Me

Has GTA IV influenced you to commit crimes?

Nope, it's just a game.
Only petty crimes.
Stealing has become a hobby.
Yes, can't say more, cops are coming.
I am the living incarnation of Niko.

Artwork Gallery

Who says gamers don't appreciate fine art?

Here is a collection of official GTA4 artworks created by Rockstar Games. The illustrations were designed by Stephen Bliss and Anthony Macbain. Click on the thumbnails to view the pictures in full-size.

-gta-iv-the-lost-and-damned-stubbs -gta-iv-the-lost-and-damned -gta-iv-the-lost-and-damned -gta-iv-the-lost-and-damned -gta-iv-the-lost-and-damned -johnny-on-bike -johnny-shotgun -billy-with-bat -biker-chick -gta-iv-the-lost-and-damned-box-art -gta-iv-lost-and-damned

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