Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Trailer Day Plans and Staff Addition

Posted by DigitalD at 21:49. Category: General

In 2 days and then some hours the GTA IV trailer will be revealed. According to the drastic rise in activity at our GTA4 forums, this is an event the fans are eagerly awaiting. If you're planning on staying up on Thursday night (or Friday morning if you're east of Europe) to see the trailer the moment it is revealed, you might end up experiencing some difficulties trying to access Rockstar's official website, simply because there will be so many people trying to see it.

In light of this, we'll try to have the trailer up as fast as possible after release on our own GTA 4 trailer page. We'll provide a high-resolution streaming version of the trailer, as well as download links. A torrent file of the trailer will also be available (for those that are in favour of peer-to-peer distribution methods). In addition to that, expect screenshots of the trailer to replace the fake images at our GTA4 screenshots page, and to top it off, we'll have a detailed analysis of the trailer up on the news page by the day's end.

In addition to all our plans, we'll have Adriaan helping us with the GTA 4 coverage from now on. Adriaan had a short stint at the GTA Network a few years ago, after which he established several of his own Grand Theft Auto websites, which have become very successful. Among these are GTA Portable and GTAViceCityStories.com. Adriaan is very passionate about Grand Theft Auto and is looking forward to being part of the team. We look forward to a productive relationship with Adriaan and are proud to have him with us at GTANet.

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