Stevie's TXT Message Vehicle Thefts

Good money, if you can get it.

Stevie's Text Message Vehicles

After completion of the mission Smackdown for Derrick McReary, Brucie's mate Stevie - the guy who owned the yellow Comet you borrowed back in No. 1 - will send you a text message with a proposition: if you 'acquire' a particular vehicle for him, he'll pay handsomely in return. This message is the first in a series of thirty that you must read and follow in order to obtain that coveted 100% completion statistic, although they are not required to progress in the story.


The order of the vehicles is completely random, meaning that Stevie's first request could range from a vehicle parked out in the open on the side of the street, to one nestled away in an off-road garage. Unlike Brucie's requests however, these text messages aren't considered 'missions' in the game's sense of the term - there's no need to respond to the message to trigger the hunt as there is with Brucie's. This has two main consequences:

  1. Once you've got a text message sitting in your inbox, the vehicle in question will be available 24/7, meaning you can take your time searching for it whenever you feel like it. No easy task, mind you.
  2. There's no predetermined obstacles standing in the way of you and a clean getaway. For instance, with Brucie's requests, the target vehicle might be being driven around by its owner, or it might be pulled over with its occupants being arrested. Not so with Stevie's. They'll all be parked and unattended, with the only thing you need to be careful of being the regular cops strolling the streets.

Thus, apart from the difficulty in locating the damned thing - there's no indication of where the vehicle is aside from the image attached to the text and the description offered by Stevie - you won't encounter any additional trouble in nabbing the prize.


You'll know if you've located the right vehicle as a line of text will pop up at the bottom of the screen - "You've found the vehicle Stevie is looking for". From here, you're required to drive it all the way to the garage located in South Bohan, with the payout on offer decreasing with every hit you take while at the wheel. There's two options here as far as maximising your pay goes - drive safely (good luck with that...), or in style perhaps truer to that of the GTA series, you can go as crazy as you want, and, as long as the thing still goes, drop by the local Pay N Spray to fix it up before coasting the last few metres to the designated drop-off point.


The thirty vehicles and their respective locations as described by Stevie are listed below.

  1. Banshee - Galveston Avenue near Middle Park.
  2. Bobcat - top floor of the airport car park.
  3. Buccaneer - in the Industrial District.
  4. Cavalcade - near the Westdyke Memorial Hospital, in Leftwood.
  5. Cognoscenti - Alderny City.
  6. Comet - near the Swingers golf club.
  7. Contender - by Twitchin's in Boabo.
  8. Coquette - in Suffolk, driven by a priest.
  9. DF8-90 - in the car park under the station by the amusement park.
  10. Dilettante - in front of the Canyon Megaplex in Willis.
  11. Dukes - on Vauxite Street in East Holland.
  12. Faggio - by the Dragon Heart Plaza on Diamond Street, China Town.
  13. Freeway - near the Willis Wash & Lube.
  14. Huntley Sport - from the LCPD station in Northern Gardens.
  15. Infernus - near Outlook Park.
  16. Intruder - near the Liberty Transport Authority building in Rotterdam Hill.
  17. Manana - parked behind the old Burger Shot near the Huntington St station.
  18. Moonbeam - on Charge Island.
  19. NRG 900 - on the corner of Bismarck Ave and Topaz St, in Lancaster.
  20. Patriot - near those two joined towers down in Castle Gardens.
  21. PMP 600 - parked down a lane in The Exchange district.
  22. Rancher - at Liberty State Delivery by the docks in Port Tudor.
  23. Rebla - at Fanny Crab's eatery by Grand Easton station.
  24. Sabre GT - owner by a guy near the Meadows Park towers.
  25. Sentinel - parked by the docks in Normandy.
  26. Sultan - in the drive-way of a big green house in Berchem.
  27. Super GT - on Calcium St, in front of 69 Exchange.
  28. Turismo - owned by a guy over on Owl Creek Ave, in Westdyke.
  29. Voodoo - owned by someone in the LC24 tower in East Island City.
  30. Washington - by the outdoor pool in Steinway.
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