Mission Guide

Remember, kids - it's only illegal if you get caught!

This GTA IV mission guide/walkthrough provides screenshots, videos, and essential details for every mission encountered in the main storyline. Refer to this guide when you are stuck on a mission, or request further help from other people who have completed the game at our forum. Our forum has 200,000+ registered members, so you are sure to receive a quick response.


Icon The Cousins Bellic [Video]
Icon It's Your Call [Video]
Icon Three's a Crowd [Video]
Icon Bleed Out [Video]
Icon First Date [Video]
Icon Easy Fare [Video]
Icon Bull in a China Shop [Video]
Icon Hung Out to Dry [Video]
Icon Clean Getaway [Video]
Icon Ivan the Not So Terrible [Video]
Icon Jamaican Heat [Video]
Icon Uncle Vlad [Video]
Icon Concrete Jungle [Video]
Icon Crime and Punishment [Video]
Icon Do You Have Protection? [Video]
Icon Final Destination [Video]
Icon No Love Lost [Video]
Icon Shadow [Video]
Icon Logging On [Video]
Icon Rigged to Blow [Video]
Icon The Master and the Molotov [Video]
Icon Russian Revolution [Video]
Icon Roman's Sorrow [Video]


Icon A Long Way to Fall [Video]
Icon Taking in the Trash [Video]
Icon Meltdown [Video]
Icon Museum Piece [Video]
Icon No Way on the Subway [Video]
Icon Weekend at Florian's [Video]
Icon Late Checkout [Video]
Icon Actions Speak Louder than Words [Video]
Icon I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle [Video]
Icon Smackdown [Video]
Icon Babysitting [Video]
Icon Tunnel of Death [Video]
Icon Blood Brothers [Video]
Icon Undertaker [Video]
Icon Hating the Haters [Video]
Icon Union Drive [Video]
Icon Buoys Ahoy [Video]
Icon I'll Take Her [Video]
Icon Ransom [Video]
Icon She's A Keeper [Video]
Icon Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend [Video]
Icon Truck Hustle [Video]
Icon Pegorino's Pride [Video]
Icon Payback [Video]
Icon Catch the Wave [Video]
Icon Trespass [Video]
Icon To Live and Die in Alderney [Video]
Icon Flat Line [Video]
Icon Pest Control [Video]
Icon Entourage [Video]
Icon Dining Out [Video]
Icon Liquidize the Assets [Video]


Icon Escuela of the Streets [Video]
Icon Street Sweeper [Video]
Icon Search and Delete [Video]
Icon Easy as Can Be [Video]
Icon Out of the Closet [Video]
Icon Luck of the Irish [Video]
Icon Blow Your Cover [Video]
Icon The Puerto Rican Connection [Video]
Icon The Snow Storm [Video]
Icon Have a Heart [Video]
Icon No. 1 [Video]
Icon Deconstruction for Beginners [Video]
Icon Ruff Rider [Video]
Icon Undress to Kill [Video]
Icon Photo Shoot [Video]
Icon Wrong is Right [Video]
Icon The Holland Play[Video]
Icon Hostile Negotiation [Video]
Icon Portrait of a Killer [Video]
Icon Dust Off [Video]
Icon Call and Collect [Video]
Icon Paper Trail [Video]
Icon Final Interview [Video]
Icon Holland Nights [Video]
Icon Lure [Video]
Icon Harboring a Grudge [Video]
Icon Waste Not Want Knots [Video]
Icon Three Leaf Clover [Video]


Icon That Special Someone [Video]
Icon One Last Thing
Icon If The Price is Right [Video]
Icon Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
Icon A Revenger's Tragedy [Video]
Icon A Dish Served Cold [Video]
Icon Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
Icon Out of Commission [Video]
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