Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Details of GTA IV Preview in UK PSM3 Emerging

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The May issue of PSM3 in the United Kingdom goes on sale in a few days on May 10, although some subscribers are starting to receive their issues. While details of the issue is yet to show up on our forums, one or two high profile UK gaming websites claim to have received their issue and posted information from it.

By the looks of it, the guys at PSM received the same introductory preview that both Game Informer and OPM received, so we're not expecting any major information for a while coming from a magazine.

There is however information on the technical difficulties that Rockstar is facing surrounding the core version of the Xbox 360. This cheaper SKU comes without a hard drive, as opposed to the premium version who has one with 20gb capacity. Those of you who own the latter will know that it only offers 13gb of storing capacity, because 2gb is reserved for the Xbox 360 backwards-compatibility software, and an additional 4gb for game title caching.

Now, we've learned recently that there will be no loading times as we move in and out of interiors, as well as moving between islands, so naturally Rockstar can make good use of this 4gb of capacity dedicated to caching in order to pre-load this content at the start of the game, right?

Not exactly. Even though a small amount of Xbox owners don't own a hard drive for their console, R* is trying to accommodate these consumers to play the game without the need of a hard drive, and according to PSM they're having a hard time doing this. There also seems to be a restraint concerning the DVD player of the Xbox 360 console.

Interestingly this information is revealed in a PlayStation magazine. Once we receive more valuable information from this issue we'll update you accordingly.

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