Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Playstation Magazine USA previews GTA IV

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Our GTA IV HUD concept based on current known info. (GTA: San Andreas)

Poking along behind the rest of the crowd in the lead up to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, PSM (USA) offers up a zesty mix of both old and new information regarding the newest addition to the GTA family. While most of the "WE'VE HEARD THIS A MILLION TIMES!" facts are covered in full, PSM does manage to throw us a threw curveballs by introducing some (relatively) new tidbits.

  • A thin green band around the minimap on your HUD indicates your health. (Could a second band be added to indicate armor?)
  • Physically, Liberty City is not as big as San Andreas. It covers approximately 3/4 the total area that San Andreas did.
  • Software glitch or innovative gameplay? During the final bit of the game that PSM got to see, Niko is killed by a police copter landing on his head.
  • Playstation Magazine confirms the [default] camera angle shift in GTA IV. Your view is no longer stuck hovering over the vehicle. When you get behind the wheel, the camera drops down and to the left, following the middle of the road.

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