Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bgamer's GTA4 Preview

Posted by adamcs at 19:47. Category: General

Portuguese magazine Bgamer is the latest magazine to preview Grand Theft Auto IV. Most of the information is already known, but there are one or two points worth mentioning:

  • You can search "by photo" on the LCPD computer, using photos taken on your mobile phone.
  • The other islands are blocked off initially due to a "terror threat".
  • The magazine asked R* if there are any Portuguese communities in Liberty City. R* told them to drive to an area in North Alderney, and when they arrived there were various Portuguese flags and posters.
  • When a car alarm is triggered, police units in the area will be aware of it.
  • R* confirmed that car customization is not possible in GTA IV.

Thanks to uni @ GTAPT for the info.

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