Monday, March 31, 2008

IGN Feature Part 2: Pushing the Limits

Posted by adamcs at 23:04. Category: General

IGN have posted the second part of their huge feature which began on Saturday, which looks at the making of Grand Theft Auto IV. This time it's 9 pages long, and they talk to Dan Houser and Aaron Garbut about various aspects of the gameplay including multiplayer and downloadable content. Be sure to check it out along with the 5 new screenshots they have added to their gallery.

Link: IGN: GTA IV: Pushing the Limits (and Part 1 if you missed it). Thanks to chris76 for the heads up!

In other news, a reminder from R* that tomorrow (April 1st) is the deadline for all entries in the Liberty Swingers Season Ticket Sweepstakes. For more information, and to enter the contest, go here.

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