Thursday, April 24, 2008

Midnight Madness

Posted by illspirit at 17:44. Category: General

For those of you in the US who want to pick up the game as soon as possible, GameStop has posted a list of their shops which will be opening at midnight on the 28th.

Update 1: Best Buy has some midnight openings as well.

Update 2: As does Game in the UK.

Update 3: Future Shops in Canada have some midnight openings too, along with a few launch parties.

Update 4: Blockbuster has a number of stores in Denmark who are joining in the fun.

Update 5: EB Games Australia is advertising a midnight launch - contact your local store for details and confirmation.

If none of these are close to you, keep an eye on this topic on our forums, which will be updated with new locations as we learn about them.

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