Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Zombies in multiplayer GTA IV

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Zombies in Grand Theft Auto IV? Whodathunkit? Apparently some gamers have been seeing zombified players wandering around in multiplayer with rotting flesh and a Rockstar Games speedo. Yikes. From Kotaku:

There are a few comments indicating gamers have seen zombies in online play, but nothing about transforming into one yet. Theories range from getting killed by a Rockstar employee, to killing a Rockstar employee, to getting the highest ranking.

They quote the official strategy guide (I don't have it) "If you see unclothed characters, look out! Only players who have reached the max ranking of 10 and a few other "special" people get the honor of shooting in their skivvies." But this player says he's only at Level 2. The user's name in the forums is GTA. I couldn't find a PSN ID for him.
Multiplayer Zombie Multiplayer Zombie Multiplayer Zombie
Kill a Rockstar... become a zombie?

There's a thread over at GameTrailers.com started up by the (lucky?) PS3 gamer discussing his sudden transformation into an apparent extra from some B-rated horror flick. According to his blog, he apparently gained the zombie "outfit" as a reward for killing a Rockstar employee in-game (doing so yields an achievement for Xbox 360 players, so perhaps this is a PS3 equivalent?).

If anyone else out there has suddenly found themselves sporting a slick speedo and rotting flesh, give us a shout on the forums. Ruckstar, one of our community members (and also a PS3 owner), also found himself zombified a few days ago. You can check out the "Zombie" thread on our forums as well.

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