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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interactive Map Available

Posted by adamcs at 15:25. Category: General

Following the success of our GTA San Andreas interactive map, we decided to make one for Grand Theft Auto IV using Google's API. We are releasing it a bit later than expected (all the materials/screenshots/videos etc. were collected last May) but hey, better late than never!

Here is a quick summary of the main features of the map:

  • All health, armour and weapon pickup locations.
  • Flying rat/pigeon locations (200 in total) with high resolution screenshots of each location.
  • All stunt jump locations (50 in total) including videos in HD quality which demonstrate each jump.
  • Locations and screenshots of all window cleaning platforms, all of Stevie's text message car thefts, and all of the random character encounters.
  • Ability to mark a point on the map and then link to that point, so you can highlight specific locations to your friends/on forums etc.

All the co-ordinates were extracted directly from the game, so they are 100% accurate. Enjoy.

Links: GTA IV Map; Bugs, Problems, and Feedback.

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