Saturday, June 06, 2009

GTA4.NET Gets a Facelift

Posted by Andy at 20:48. Category: General

We're proud to (finally) reveal the new GTA4.NET landing page!

Prior to this update, all visitors would be automatically redirected to the news page when going to directly. Although this has worked for over a year, we were definitely in need of an update.

One of the new items on the landing page is the Community section. You'll notice that we're now on Facebook as well as Twitter. Although there has been a GTAForums group on Facebook for some time, this is the first time we've had any sort of "official" presence outside of our own network.

In addition to the new landing page, we've also implemented another change to the GTA4.NET family of sites: Both the main site and the The Lost and Damned subsite have been tweaked to use a max-width design. (We'll be doing the same to the Ballad of Gay Tony subsite as well.) Although this may not seem like much, this is the first time in GTANet history that we've chosen to restrict the size of the site to a set maximum width.

We've been working on these changes for a while. Hopefully everyone likes them as much as we do!

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