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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Official Grand Theft Auto 4 Boxart Live

Posted by DigitalD at 17:09. Category: General

Rockstar has just updated the official site with the GTA 4 box art. In addition to this, there is a short clip of the box art being spraypainted, and a December 6 2007 date for a new trailer called "Move up, ladies."

gta4 box art

Discussion available at the GTA forums.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Take2 still refuses to pinpoint GTA IV release

Posted by illspirit at 23:17. Category: General

After the non-news a few days ago about Take2 still not having a release date for GTA IV, some people apparently assumed that meant the game was delayed or something. Whether this was due to lack of reading comprehension skills, Rockstar hating, or general tinfoil hattery is unknown. What we do know is that Gamespot contacted Strauss Zelnick to "set the record straight."

slow news day

"I wasn't intending to be newsworthy," Zelnick said of his response at the summit. "When asked about the release date, I confirmed the previous release date we'd given, which is our second fiscal quarter. That's to say sometime between the beginning of February and the end of April."

"Obviously we want to make sure not to disappointment anyone, and we're going to give that date as soon as we feel very comfortable that we know the exact date within that three-month period that we outlined," Zelnick said.

So there you have it. Or, umm, don't have it, rather. Basically, there is no release date. Just like Zelnick said a couple of days ago. Or, in other words, this is a non-update to a non-story. Do journalists get paid for this shit?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Take2 refuses to pinpoint GTA IV release

Posted by adamcs at 12:20. Category: General

Take2 Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick is refusing to narrow down GTA IV's release date, saying they won't commit until they are "utterly convinced" that the game is ready. He spoke at a BMO Capital Markets conference:

"It's a fair question given that we weren't able to stick to our firm date the last time. We're going to give a firm date when we are utterly convinced that we have it and that isn't right now.

"We know it's highly anticipated. Right now our view is to put out a high quality title and we're not in the business of disappointing investors."

"I think there was a concern initially when we slipped that we missed the boat in terms of Christmas but I think that concern has been alleviated.

"I think most people see it as okay – hardware penetration is going to grow over Christmas and because this is a must-have title it's probably okay that we're not selling it in the Christmas season.

Zelnick also talked about GTA IV's exclusive episodic content, which will be available for the Xbox 360 version of the game:

"It actually isn't really significant in terms of its contribution in 2008.

"It's something we ought to be doing and my guess is that's where the industry is going. If you believe over time that package goods will be supplemented very much with online downloadable content, and you believe as I do that the future of playing interactive entertainment is networked multiplayer, then there's every reason to believe that downloadable content makes all kinds of sense.

"And eventually if you have a packaged good and you sell upgrades it's a pretty terrific business model for everyone. I think it could be really interesting, but to be clear, it's not in our plans and we're not relying on it for our success."


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