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Friday, April 24, 2009

GFWL address stuttering issue

Posted by adamcs at 11:30. Category: General

Microsoft have released a new update for Games For Windows LIVE to address the stuttering issue in GTA IV PC. Start up the game and log in to apply the update, or install it manually via the following link.

Link: Games For Windows LIVE Update

Thursday, April 23, 2009

GTA 4 PC: GFWL Update Causing Problems

Posted by CharmingCharlie at 16:38. Category: General

On Tuesday 21st April Microsoft released an Update to it's Games For Windows Live interface. The update was mandatory and many users went ahead and updated. It wasn't long before major problems were highlighted these range from :-

  • Massive drop in frame rates
  • periodic stuttering
  • Main Menu refusing to load

A quick poll on GTAforums shows the extent of the problem with nearly 70% voting that the game ran fine before the update but now they are having problems. There has been no official word from either Rockstar or Microsoft on the issue. The only indication we have is a post from a moderator on the Games For Windows Forum :-

I have forwarded these issues along to the appropriate parties

It should be noted that OTHER Games for windows live titles are affected too so this isn't just GTA 4. The best advice at the moment for GTA 4 PC players is to either not update the GFWL interface or if you have already done so then use the Xliveless mod. If you want to share your experiences of this update then you can use the links here :-

GTAforums discussion

LINK : GFW Forum Discussion

Dan Houser interview

Posted by uNi at 16:10. Category: General

The Chicago Tribune has a new, newish, interview with Dan Houser about IV, it's mainly about the script but has some interesting information about some of the discussions going on at the forums.

""The Sopranos" is such a dominant cultural artifact of the last few years that we didn’t want just to be treading in their shadows. We wanted it to be a game that wasn’t—in the way that the first part of "San Andreas" was heavily derived from "Menace II Society" and "Boyz N the Hood" and that media world of early-’90s L.A. And obviously, we went out and did a lot of firsthand research. " - Dan Houser

The interview is divided in four, respectively: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Finally, you can discuss it with us over here.

Thanks to Magic_Al for pointing it out!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chinatown War's Fan Artwork

Posted by uNi at 13:01. Category: General

Patrick has released a new piece of epic, I mean, artwork for Chinatown Wars. (Check out our interview if you didn't yet!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

New TLAD desktops, avatars and icons

Posted by adamcs at 21:32. Category: General

Rockstar Games have added a selection of new wallpapers, buddy icons and avatars to the official GTA IV website.

Interview: Patrick Brown

Posted by uNi at 18:22. Category: General
To read out the interview click in the link below, enjoy!
Read More

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chinatown Wars Flash Game Coming Soon

Posted by CharmingCharlie at 03:43. Category: General

Well I don't normally handle Chinatown Wars news but I managed to get my head out of my PC case for five seconds and came across this interesting little bit of news from the WWW. Apparently Rockstar are in the process of producing a flash game which you can play on the PC and links up with your Nintendo DS and copy of Chinatown wars.

But now Rockstar will be providing a 'fuller' game, played in the browser and Flash-based which lets players launder in-game money when not playing the Nintendo handheld and then transfer it to the character on their DS cart via the Social Club and a Wi-Fi connection.

You can read about this here


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