Friday, June 05, 2009

Community Screenshot Contest

Posted by adamcs at 16:47. Category: General

Throughout May, members on our forum took part in a screenshot competition hosted by Dutchy3010. The competition involved submitting screenshots which had to relate to a certain theme (decided by the host) and then the winner was determined by whoever had the most points at the end of each round. There were four rounds in total, and the winning screenshots are as follows:

Round 1 Screenshot
Round 1
Theme: N/A
Winner: thales100
Round 2 Screenshot
Round 2
Theme: Citizens of Liberty City
Winner: thales100
Round 3 Screenshot
Round 3
Theme: Environment
Winner: thales100
Round 2 Screenshot
Round 4
Theme: WTF!
Winner: CharmingCharlie

In the end, it was a landslide victory for thales100, who picked up 210 points in total, while CharmingCharlie took second spot with 123, and Gangxxter came in third with 86. You can view all the screenshot entries here.

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Full table of results:

Username Points
thales100 210
CharmingCharlie 123
Gangxxter 86
Firewalker999 71
Hanneswasco 65
john88z 59
Hydro_PT 49
oldage 33
nemesi5 29
GtaHitmanStrikesBack 29
Graven 29
OverTheBellow 28
kimr120 23
oysterbarron 23
Gangsta Killa 22
beep41 15
gtasearcher 10
Leufas 10
_KoE_Mzungu 6

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