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Fake GTA IV Screenshots

Hundreds of fake screenshots have appeared on the web since GTA 4 was first announced in May, 2006. The most popular and most paraded shots were almost immediately shot down by Rockstar Games, and labelled as fake. The most popular and most publicised fake shots are shown and detailed below:

  1.  Fake GTA4 Screenshot

This was probably the first screenshot to surface on the internet, where the possibility of it being real was considered for more than a split second. It began circulating the web after making an appearance in French magazine Jeux-France, which claimed it was directly taken from Grand Theft Auto IV. The image was also posted on the magazine's website, but soon after it was removed without explanation - no doubt at the request of Rockstar Games. Rockstar later confirmed that the magazine's report was false.

2.  Fake GTA4 Screenshot

This is perhaps the most publicised fake GTA4 screenshot to date. It became so popular that it attracted the attention of the likes of SPOnG and Eurogamer, and then went on to make an appearance in UK magazine PLAY. It first appeared on internet forums in June, and was reported to be "a TV screen running a debug version of Grand Theft Auto IV." Rockstar Games, however, were quick to deny this.

3.  Fake GTA4 Screenshot

Arguably the best quality, yet least publicised fake shot so far. This shot surfaced on the web sometime during July 2006, and it is perhaps the most convincing fake screenshot to date - though it still rather obviously fake. It contains humorous advertisements similar to those witnessed in previous GTA releases. We emailed Rockstar Games about this, who were able to confirm that it is - as we suspected - fake.

4.  Fake GTA4 Screenshot

Rockstar described this screenshot as being "100% fake." It started appearing on intraweb fansites towards the end of June in 2006. At that time, most people concluded that it was a fake, but there were of course a minority (as always) who refused to accept this, until Rockstar eventually came out and confirmed that it was indeed fake.

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