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Miami-Dade Transit Officials re: GTA IV ads

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Yesterday I posted a story about Take-Two filing a lawsuit against the Chicago Transit Authority as a result of the Grand Theft Auto IV transit ads being pulled. I also went on to suggest that Miami-Dade Transit (which I mistakingly referred to as the Miami Transit Authority in my last post) -- who also pulled down all GTA IV transit ads -- might face a similar lawsuit from Take-Two.

As if on cue, GamePolitics.com shed some additional light on the GTA IV ads being pulled in Miami. From the post:

While following up on this story GP communicated with MDT Deputy Director Hugh Chen and Marketing Director Michael DeCossio. It was media relations official Manuel Palmiero, however, who ultimately supplied the information below. What follows are GP’s question, MDT’s verbatim answers and a few bits of commentary:

GP: The GTA IV ads themselves are inoffensive. Is Miami-Dade Transit making a value judgment as to the underlying product? If so, this judgment is based on…?

MDT: The Miami-Dade County Commission has adopted three resolutions in the last five years dealing with violent video games — R-1447-03, R-248-04 and R-573-06. You may look up all three at www.miamidade.gov/govaction/searchleg.asp?Action=searchleg.

The first resolution specifically condemned the “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” video game for its “hate-filled messages” and for appearing “to encourage or condone violence against ethnic minorities” and called on retailers to remove the game from their shelves. The other two condemned violent video games in general and urged retailers not to make such games available to minors.

Miami-Dade Transit is a department of Miami-Dade County and as such follows the policies set by the Miami-Dade County Commission and Mayor.

The full Q&A can be found on the GamePolitics.com website, along with commentary and discussion of the story.

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