Grand Theft Auto IV Previews

A delightfully quaint summary of what the gaming press have unveiled thus far.

Below is a summary of the Grand Theft Auto IV previews that have been published before the release of the game. These periodicals are the main source of information prior to the release of GTA IV, and the main revelations from each of the articles have been presented in bullet-point format. This page is sorted from oldest preview to newest, by months. Click on the titles to view the full summary of each preview.

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2008: January | February | March

March 2008


Edge Magazine had a sixteen-page article on the Grand Theft Auto series, a large chunk of which was devoted to Grand Theft Auto IV. They had an exclusive interview with Rockstar president Sam Houser, who talked about everything from what it was like to work with Ray Liotta (during GTA Vice City) to what his thoughts were on GTA4's multiplayer. The article also contained several new screenshots. More details...

Electronic Gaming Monthly


EGM had a thirteen-page preview which contained three new screenshots and an exclusive interview with Rockstar Games president Sam Houser. EGM were invited to Rockstar North's HQ in Edinburgh for the preview, and got a chance to talk with some of the developers. Some minor multiplayer details are revealed during the interview with Sam Houser. More details...

February 2008
Online Previews


Various websites (GameSpot, IGN and Games Radar, to name a few) were given hands-on time with Grand Theft Auto IV. Each site got approximately two hours to do whatever they wanted with GTA IV. The previews were accompanied by ten new screenshots. More details...

Previews: Kikizo; GamesRadar; IGN; Team Xbox; 1UP, CVG; GameSpy;; GameTap; Gamespot

Games Master


This issue of UK magazine Games Master contained a preview similar to the one found in PSM3. The preview was six pages long, and contained the same media assets as PSM3 - four new screenshots and two new artworks. Like PSM3, they got to play through four of the game's missions - "To Live and Die in Alderney," "Jamaican Heat," "Jacob's Ladder," and "Harbouring a Grudge." More details...



The February issue of PSM3 contained a massive twelve-page preview of GTA IV, with new details on four new missions, and four new screenshots. Two new pieces of artwork were also published. The missions previewed were "To Live and Die in Alderney," "Jamaican Heat," "Jacob's Ladder," and "Harbouring a Grudge." A new character called Patrick McReary was introduced. More details...



German magazine Computerbild-Spiele ran a five-page preview of GTA 4, with eleven new screenshots and a new piece of artwork. The missions previewed were the same as those previewed by the online press in January. The demonstration was hands-on, which means for the first time, journalists got to play the game as opposed to a Rockstar representative. More details...

January 2008
Online Previews


A selection of privileged websites were granted an exclusive 90-minute preview session at Rockstar Games' Headquarters in New York and London. Three new missions - "Search and Delete," "Deconstruction for Beginners," and "Truck Hustle" - were previewed in-depth. The new targeting system was also explored, some new characters were introduced, and 'friendships' were discussed, as well as their impacts on the game's storyline. More details...

Previews: Kikizo; GamesRadar; IGN; VideoGamer; ComputerAndVideoGames; GameSpot

July 2007
Online Previews


These previews included three new screenshots, a new piece of official artwork, and clairifcation on a number of points which to date we were unsure about. We learn that cars feature GPS systems which identify the best route to take during missions, and that the default camera angle is slightly different from previous games in the series. We also learn that Niko can take cover behind most objects in the environment, and that taxis feature several options. More details...

Previews: Kikizo; IGN; GameSpot; GamesRadar; ComputerAndVideoGames



Official Xbox Magazine reveal to us that the weapons on offer by Little Jacob include a 9mm, a shotgun, an SMG, and a micro SMG. We learn that GTA IV will include a pool mini-game (amongst other mini-games) and that neither the 9/11 terrorist attacks nor Ground Zero will be referenced in any way in the game. More details...



This preview from PLAY was based on the same demonstration given to games™, but was released shortly after. PLAY reveal that Little Jacob keeps weapons in his trunk, which you can buy and scroll through like the Ammu-Nation in previous games. They also reveal that the map flashes with blue and red circles once you gain a police wanted level, and that multiplayer can be accessed via the mobile phone. We also learn that in GTA4, you must develop good relationships with other characters in order to receive benefits. More details...



games™ featured an exclusive seven-page first look at the new gameplay in Grand Theft Auto IV. Included, were fourteen never-before-seen screenshots. games™ confirmed that mobile phones can be used to call taxis and purchase weapons, and they also reveal that it is possible to surf the internet via internet cafes. They also preview two of the game's missions, and reveal that it is possible to carry out more than one mission at a time. More details...

May 2007
Online Previews


GameSpot, IGN, Games Radar, ComputerAndVideoGames, Kikizo, and a selection of other privileged websites, were all granted a preview session at Rockstar Games' London Headquarters. The previews included four exclusive screenshots which had never been seen before, in addition to fourteen screenshots which appeared earlier in the magazine previews. The most in-depth preview, without a doubt, came from Kikizo. More details...

Previews: Kikizo; GamesRadar; IGN; GameSpot



The German edition of GamePro featured a ten-page look at GTA IV, with two or three new details revealed. We learn that every street in Liberty City will be named, and that the name will be shown on-screen as you enter it. We also learn that there will be several different animation sets for breaking into cars, and that GTA IV will feature less non-realistic elements such as markers and arrows, and more realistic methods such as mobile phones. More details...

PlayStation Official Magazine - Australia


This ten-page preview from OPM Australia was based on the existing demo of GTA IV which several other magazines got to see. Therefore, there weren't many new details. OPM tell us that Niko can manage his funds via ATMs, and that driving controls have been tweaked and enhanced. They also reveal that car radios can be heard as they pass by, and that the sound gets fainter as they travel further away from you. More details...

PlayStation Official Magazine - Italy


This eight-page preview featured a new (never-before-seen) artwork illustration, as well as some tidbits of new information. It revealed that Niko can (apparently) control the bus schedule, and climb up telephone poles. They also revealed that Philip Glass (author of the GTA IV Trailer 1 music) will be involved in the production of the game's soundtrack. More details...

Xbox 360 Official Magazine


OXM published an eight-page preview which featured an exclusive interview with Rockstar's creative vice president, Dan Houser. We learn that Niko can climb and descend exterior fire escapes, and that the GTA 4 equivalent of Dominos Sugar Factory is called Twitchins Sugar Factory. At the time this preview was written, GTA IV was said to be 66% complete. More details...

April 2007
PlayStation Official Magazine - UK


This fourteen-page preview was based on the same demonstration given to Game Informer. It included twelve screenshots altogether, three of which had never been seen before. OPM tell us that Niko is in his mid-thirties and on the run "from a dark past." They also reveal that there are no load times between boroughs or during interior-exterior transitions, and that no characters from previous games will be returning. Rockstar tell OPM that they decided not to include Staten Island because "it wouldn't be fun to play in." More details...

Game Informer


Game Informer published a ten-page world exclusive preview of GTA IV, which featured a first look at the new setting, an exclusive interview with Dan Houser, and nine never-before-seen screenshots from the Xbox 360 version of the game. We learn that the protagonist's name is Niko Bellic, and that he is an Eastern European immigrant who was persuaded to move to Liberty City by his cousin, Roman. We also learn that Liberty City features four boroughs which are based on Brooklyn (Broker), Queens (Dukes), Manhattan (Algonquin), and Bronx (Bohan). Part of New Jersey (Alderney) also features. More details...

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