Main Characters

Proudly introducing an all-new cast of unsavoury miscreants.

Luis Fernando Lopez


Voiced by Mario D'Leon.

Luis Fernando Lopez, the game's protagonist, is a 25-year-old Northwood resident of Dominican descent. Luis works as a bodyguard for Tony Prince (aka "Gay Tony") and also works as a bouncer at Prince's nightclubs Maisonette 9 and Hercules. Before entering the nightclub scene, Luis had links with a Northwood-based drug gang that included Willy Valerio and the Gomez brothers, but has since severed all ties. He is also known to be involved in the illegal street fighting scene. Luis made three brief appearances during Grand Theft Auto IV, in the missions titled "Three Leaf Clover", "Museum Piece" and "Diamonds are A Girl's Best Friend". He also appeared during the Lost and Damned mission titled "Diamonds in the Rough".


Tony Prince Voiced by D.B. Cooper.

Tony Prince (aka "Gay Tony") is a nightclub entrepeneur with links to the Ancelotti Crime Syndicate. Gay Tony operates two nightclubs in Algonquin - Hercules and Maisonette 9 - which are presently being investigated due to concerns over safety standards and underage admittance policies. Gay Tony is a drug addict, with many debts to pay off, and he relies on his bodyguard/business partner (Luis Lopez) to carry out much of his dirty work.

Rocco Pelosi


Voiced by Greg Siff.

Rocco Pelosi is an Ancelotti goon that Gay Tony borrowed money from way back. Tony and Luis are responsible for taking care of Rocco's business problems until Tony's debts have been fully paid off.



Voiced by John Tormey.

Vince is Rocco's uncle, and like Rocco, he is involved with the Ancelotti Crime Syndicate. Gay Tony borrowed money from Rocco and Vince a long time ago, so now he must take care of their business problems until his debts are paid off.

Ray Bulgarin


Voiced by Vitali Baganov.

Ray Bulgarin is a people smuggler from Eastern Europe, linked with Russian organized crime syndicates throughout Liberty City. Bulgarin is a high profile figure in global organized crime, and he is currently involved in a big heroin operation with Dimitri Rascalov. He is also attempting to purchase the Liberty City Rampage (Liberty City's ice hockey team) and has expressed interest in investing in Gay Tony's clubs.

Yusuf Amir


Voiced by Omid Djalili.

Yusuf Amir is an eccentric billionaire property developer from the Middle East, who Luis has an opportunity to work under. You may remember his name from Grand Theft Auto IV - the first mission you complete for Playboy X involves clearing out some mafia cats from a construction site in Algonquin that is operated by Yusuf.

Armando Torres


Voiced by Jaime Fernandez.

Armando is one of Luis's oldest friends. He grew up with Luis, they went to school together, and they got in a lot of trouble together. Armando resents Luis for getting out of the neighbourhood, but remains fiercely loyal to him despite this. Armando will provide Luis with any weapons he needs.

Henrique Bardas


Voiced by J. Salome Martinez Jr.

Henrique is Armando's partner in crime. He grew up with Armando and Luis, and remains one of Luis's oldest friends. Henrique isn't too bright, but he's big, tough, dependable and knows how to use a gun. Henrique will provide Luis with any vehicles he needs.

Adriana Lopez


Voiced by Lucia Armendariz.

Adriana Lopez is Luis Lopez's mother. Adriana resides in Northwood, and she's currently being harassed by a loanshark called Santo. Adriana dislikes her son's involvement in the Liberty City nightclub scene. She wants him to be like her other children and go back to school.

Mori Kibbutz


Voiced by Jeff Gurner.

Mori Kibbutz is the older brother of Brucie Kibbutz. Gay Tony borrowed money from Mori, so Luis has agreed to do some jobs for him until Tony's debts have been paid off.

Brucie Kibbutz


Voiced by Timothy Adams.

Brucie was one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a close friend and associate of Roman and Niko Bellic. Brucie's older brother Mori recently returned to Liberty City.

Evan Moss


Voiced by Robert Youells.

Evan Moss is Gay Tony's drug-dealing boyfriend. He's hanging around with a bunch of assorted younger cokeheads and partiers, which consequently has an effect on Gay Tony's business (as well as his personal health). Luis wants Evan out of the picture.

Gracie Ancelotti


Voiced by Rebecca Benhayon.

Gracie is the daughter of Giovanni Ancelotti, the head of the Ancelotti Crime Syndicate. Gracie is not directly involved in the family business, but she is linked to many Capos and Underbosses. She is often seen in the company of "Gay" Tony Prince.

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