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Remember, kids - it's only illegal if you get caught!

There are 25 missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Below we have provided walkthroughs, screenshots and videos for each mission encountered in the main storyline. If you need further help with a mission, register free on our forum and request help from other GTA fans who have completed the game. Our forum presently has over 295,000 members, so you are sure to receive a quick response.

I luv L.C. Video Drive Tony to the nightclubs, take Armando and Henrique to the projects in Northwood, and then go to your apartment.
Practice Swing Video Pay a visit to Rocco at the golf club and get the union official to speak. Waste the Messinas and escape from the club.
Chinese Takeout Video Go to the Dragon Heart Plaza for Rocco, and escape from the building when the meeting with the triad turns sour.
Bang Bang Video Use the sticky bombs to blow up several targets and solve Rocco's union problems.
Blog This! Video Leave a comment on the Celebinator's website, take him on a tour of the city, and intimidate him when you reach Happiness Island.
Frosting On The Cake Video Take Evan to the diamond exchange in East Hook. When the deal is ambushed, eliminate the bikers and escape from the cops.
Boulevard Baby Video Go to Bahama Mamas and dance with Monique. Kill her boyfriend, eliminate security and escape from the club.
Momma's Boy Video Defeat opponents in a Cage Fighting match to recover the loan sharks debts.
Corner Kids Video Go to the deal with Armando and Henrique, and eliminate the cops when the deal is interrupted.
Clocking Off Video Go to the pier in Bohan with Armando and Henrique, and kill the rival gang that attempts to steal the shipment.
Kibbutz Number One Video Get to the docks in Bohan with Mori and kill his rivals when they refuse to do the deal.
Sexy Time Video Steal the Buzzard from the yacht for Yusuf Amir. Go back and destroy the yacht, eliminate the arms dealers and deliver the Buzzard to the helipad.
High Dive Video Meet Ahmed and Tahir at Rotterdam Tower. Chase Ahmed to the top of the tower and parachute safely to the ground.
This Ain't Checkers Video Race Mori and two other racers. If you win the race, Mori will stay out of Gay Tony's life forever.
No. 3 Video Take the car from the carpark in Algonquin, and follow the Kibbutz brothers. Land the vehicle safely on the container.
Caught With Your Pants Down Video Steal a NOOSE APC for Yusuf; fight off the cops and deliver it to Yusuf's construction site in Algonquin.
Not So Fast Video Take the Buzzard from Yusuf's helipad, land on the roof of the Libertonian and ambush the diamond deal.
Ladies' Night Video Take the Ancelottis' helicopter and follow Gracie's suspected kidnapper to the hideout in Alderney.
Going Deep Video Go to the carpark off Topaz Street, hide a sticky bomb on the front of the car and take out the corrupt N.O.O.S.E. team.
Dropping In Video Parachute on to the building in Star Junction, go down to the office of the Liberty City Rampage and kill Marki Ashvilli.
In The Crosshairs Video Go to Little Italy in Algonquin, take out the four snipers and eliminate Bulgarin's assassins.
For The Man Who Has Everything Video Jump onboard the train, get to the front car and disconnect it from the rest of the train so that Yusuf can steal it.
Ladies Half Price Video Go to the exchange at the Charge Island Sewage Works, get Gracie back and shake off Bulgarin's assassin.
Party's Over Video Go to Maisonette 9 and protect Gay Tony from Bulgarin's assassins. Then go to the entrance and destroy the backup.
Departure Time Video Destroy the heroin shipments at Funland and kill Timur. Get to the airport, catch up with Bulgarin's jet and execute him.
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