Small icons representing in-game success make you a true gamer.

Five achievements are attainable through playing The Lost and Damned, worth a total of 250 gamer points. Below we have listed each of the achievements, along with their icons and descriptions of how to obtain them.


Full Chat (70 G)

Help your fellow brothers to unlock this achievement - build Terry and Clay�s toughness to 100% through missions and gang wars activities.


The Lost Boy (25 G)

Take over the gang and become leader of The Lost to unlock this achievement.


Get Good Wood (50 G)

Unlock this achievement by knocking 69 bikers off their rides with the bat during single player or multiplayer races.


One Percenter (5 G)

Fall in line and help your President by getting his bike to unlock this achievement.


Easy Rider (100 G)

Ride with your gang to the end to unlock this achievement. Finish the story and get 100 points for this one.

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