New weapons, new bikes, new modes... same carnage.

The Lost and Damned gives you 9 multiplayer modes to enjoy. Some are near-identical to those available in Niko's story, a few have been recycled with the addition of a biker theme and there's a couple of totally new modes. The logistics of multiplayer haven't changed - accessing multiplayer, the different types of matches and customising your player are all the same as standard GTA IV multiplayer.

Game Modes



2-16 Players

A free-for-all where the player with the most money wins. Identical to a deathmatch started from Niko's story, except you have the new weapons available.

TIP: Deathmatch is all about who has the most money, not who has the most kills. Don't forget to loot the corpses!

Team Deathmatch


2-8 Teams

Players work as a team to rub out other team(s) for money - and the crew with the most cash at the end of the round wins.

TIP: Every little bit counts: remember to loot the cash dropped by deceased players.


1-16 Players

Race to the finish through each checkpoint, now with bikes as an option. If it is a bike race (and you don't have to use bikes in the Race mode), players are equipped with a baseball bat to smash the other racers, just like in the single player races.

TIP: Riding is the priority here. Don't go out of your way to hit another player if it means losing control of your own bike. Fight the temptation!

Turf War


2-8 Players

In the only cooperative mode in The Lost and Damned, players assume the role of Lost MC members and take on odd jobs for the club, given by Angus via your phone. This closely resembles Team Mafiya Work from the original GTA IV multiplayer with the Lost MC as the only team. The player with the most money becomes the Ride Captain, adding a competitive aspect to the game.

TIP: Ride in formation for extra benefits: health for the Ride Captain, cash for everyone else.

Turf War


2-16 Players

One player starts as the lone wolf and the rest are all out to get him. The player who kills the lone wolf biker then becomes the target. Whoever survives the longest wins the game. The lone wolf player must pass through checkpoints to continue acculumating time so finding a good hiding place won't help.

Turf War


2 Players

A bike against a gunship may not sound like a fair fight but that's the game. The biker must reach a series of checkpoints while the other player tries to stop them at all costs. The helicopter is an upgraded Annihilator armed with explosive ammo, although shooting isn't always necessary: add rotor blades on a near-indestructible helicopter to a very exposed biker and things get messy. When the biker dies, the players swap places and at the end of the game, the player who reached the most checkpoints wins.

Turf War


2 teams only

Witnesses need to be delivered to three different police stations around Liberty City. One team plays as N.O.O.S.E. and escorts the prison bus. The other team is the Lost MC, who need the witnesses to 'disappear'. The Lost team must kill the witnesses to win the game. If the witnesses survive, the N.O.O.S.E. team wins.

TIP: The prison bus is extremely tough but the witnesses must leave it and cross the sidewalk to get to the police station.

Turf War


2 teams only

The two teams - the Lost and the Angels of Death - are battling for control of various territories in the city. In contrast to the Turf War mode of standard GTA IV, territories are considerably larger and now contain AI defenders to help fight off attackers. To take over a territory, you need to kill all the defenders and any bikers of the opposing gang still in the area.

TIP: Defend! The AI defenders will buy you some time but don't rely on them to kill off an attack.

Free Mode


1-16 Players

As the name implies, do whatever you like! No goals and no scores. A complete free-for-all, identical to the GTA IV Free Mode.

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