There's a reason it isn't called Grand Theft Public Transport.
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Manufacturer Mass Stat Value?Every time a vehicle is destroyed, this value is added to the 'Total Property Destroyed' statistic.
Buoyancy?The percentage of the vehicle that is submerged when in water.
Top Speed Acceleration (0-100 km/h) Drive Gears
Braking Suspension Max Steering Angle?The maximum steering angle for the vehicle. Note that at speed this maximum angle is reduced to prevent easy loss of control.
Deformation Resistance?This determines how easily a vehicle is dented/deformed in a collision, but does not affect performance unless an axle or body part is distorted enough to inhibit driving. Weapon Resistance?This determines a vehicle's resistance to weapon fire - specifically how much damage it can take before exploding. Almost all vehicles share an identical value for this field. Collision Durability?Repeated crashes will lessen a vehicle's ability to perform. Very bad damage isolated to any part of the vehicle can cause it to not start or even explode. Engine Durability?A damaged engine deteriorates rapidly in efficiency. Vehicles with better engine durability can keep going for longer periods of time.


Vehicle Top Speed Acceleration Drive Braking

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