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Bang Bang

Luis is confronted by Evan, Tony's boyfriend, at Gay Tony's apartment. Tony is suffering the after effects of drugs that were provided to him by Evan, and Luis warns Evan "to be gone by the time he gets back." He delivers a headbutt to be clear that he isn't joking!

Tony's problems with Rocco persist. Rocco is threatening to burn down the clubs for insurance money, and the only way out of it is if Tony deals with Rocco's union problems. Luis insists on doing the job himself, since Tony isn't in the right state of mind. He leaves the apartment with a case of explosives.

Bang Bang Bang Bang

The first target is a construction foreman, who operates a nearby crane. Go to the crane in The Triangle and throw three sticky bombs onto the base of the crane. Get back to your vehicle, detonate the sticky bombs and enjoy the cutscene as the crane tumbles to the ground.

Bang Bang Bang Bang

The next target is an out of service subway train which is currently heading for Bohan. Head for the tunnel exit at Uranium Street and drive onto the tracks. Get close to the train and throw at least one sticky bomb onto it. Activate the sticky bomb(s) and watch as the train explodes.

Bang Bang Bang Bang

The final target is a private jet at Francis International Airport, which is due to take off soon. Head for the airport, break the barrier at the entrance and park next to the plane. Quickly get out and throw at least one sticky bomb onto the plane. You can detonate the sticky bomb(s) at any time you like. For the most dramatic cutscene, wait until it's in the air! Exit the airport and evade the 4-star wanted level to finish the mission. Try to avoid using the expressway, as this makes it harder to evade the cops. Use small roads and alleyways instead.

Bang Bang Bang Bang

PhoneAfter the mission, Tony reveals that he's broken up with Evan. What a shame!

100% Targets

Time 0:05:00
Player Damage 50%
No Bombs Wasted  

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