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+$3,000 [Video]

Boulevard Baby

Tony's got a plan to keep Rocco and Vince happy, which he'll explain to you in a bit. First, he wants to say hello to Ray Bulgarin. Tony reveals he wants Bulgarin to solve his financial problems by purchasing Maisonette 9.

Boulevard Baby Boulevard Baby

After the cutscene, get in the car and drive Tony to Bahama Mamas in Westminster. Tony explains that Rocco wants you to hit on a girl (called Monique) who is the girlfriend of the club's owner. Rocco claims that the owner is currently in Las Venturas, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Go into Bahama Mamas and make your way down to the dance floor.

Boulevard Baby Boulevard Baby

Approach Monique on the dance floor, and follow the on-screen instructions to dance with her. Once the dance bar is full, a cutscene is initiated and Monique takes Luis to the backroom of the club. Her boyfriend walks in on Monique giving Luis a BJ. It turns out he wasn't in Venturas after all - how about that! The club owner beats up Monique, and Luis is not impressed to say the least...

Boulevard Baby Boulevard Baby

After the cutscene, kill the club owner and grab the health pack from the wall if you need it. Leave the office and waste the security guard in the hall area. Then go towards the dance floor area and take cover near the bar. From this position, you should see four more security guards - two near the dance floor, and two more at the other bar near the exit.

Boulevard Baby Boulevard Baby

Once these guards are dead, proceed towards the stairs and kill the security guard behind the bar. Approach the stairs with caution - there's another guard half way up, and two more waiting at the top of the stairs. Once all the security guards are dead, leave the area to complete the mission.

Boulevard Baby Boulevard Baby

100% Targets

Time 0:03:10
Player Damage 40%
Groove On  
Good Guy  

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