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+$3,500 [Video]

Frosting On The Cake

Evan, Gracie and Rocco are doing coke at Gay Tony's apartment. Gay Tony, meanwhile, is passed out on the floor. Once Tony has made a semi-recovery, we get down to business.

Frosting On The Cake Frosting On The Cake

Tony instructs you to take Evan to the docks in East Hook, while Tony makes his own way there in a separate vehicle. Evan explains that Tony is buying diamonds from a chef, with the intention of selling them on at a profit. Sound familiar? It should if you've played The Lost and Damned (see the mission "Diamonds in The Rough").

Frosting On The Cake Frosting On The Cake

At the exchange, the deal is ambushed by The Lost biker gang, and Evan escapes with the diamonds. Evan goes one way while Gay Tony and Luis go the other way. After the cutscene, a first-person camera view is initiated, and you are given unlimited sticky bombs to take out the pursuing biker gang. Throw the sticky bombs towards the road block formed by The Lost, and detonate them.

Frosting On The Cake Frosting On The Cake

More bikers are waiting at the dock exit. Look behind you and eliminate them with the sticky bombs (there are 4 bikes in total, containing 8 bikers). You can detonate the sticky bombs in mid-air - i.e. you don't have to wait for them to attach to something! Also remember that you have unlimited ammo, so there's no need to be cautious. Just keep throwing them and detonate them immediately. Another group of bikers are waiting for you at the junction in BOABO, and more are waiting in an alley on Chicory Street, so stay alert and get those sticky bombs ready!

Frosting On The Cake Frosting On The Cake

Clear the police road block at the Dukes Expressway, and destroy the N.O.O.S.E. APC by launching three or four sticky bombs. Eliminate the final group of bikers on the bridge, and then turn your attention to the chopper. Wait until the chopper is directly behind the car, and throw a sticky bomb at the front of it. Once the chopper is down, a short cutscene shows Gay Tony's driver being shot through the head by a police officer. Afterwards, Luis takes control of the vehicle and you now must escape from the cops. Keep driving straight ahead towards Westminster and head for the Pay N' Spray. Take Tony back to Hercules to conclude the mission.

PhoneTony reveals that Evan is dead, and that Rocco is demanding his share from the diamond deal (the diamonds got stolen, so that could be a problem!).

100% Targets

Time 0:05:45
Player Damage 50%
Bomb Accuracy  
Escape Cops Time 0:00:35

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