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+$15,000 [Video]

High Dive

Yusuf has to meet Ahmed and his brother (Tahir) for a business meeting, but Yusuf decides to send Luis instead. Take Yusuf to Rotterdam Tower, go into the lobby and use the elevator to reach the observation deck. Go and meet Ahmed.

High Dive High Dive

During the cutscene, Ahmed is surprised to see Luis - he was expecting to see Yusuf instead. It quickly becomes apparent that it's a setup, so Luis throws Tahir over the edge, Ahmed makes a run for it, and meanwhile N.O.O.S.E. has surrounded the building.

High Dive High Dive

When the cutscene ends, you need to chase Ahmed to the top of the tower whilst fighting your way through cops. Use the Explosive Shotgun that Yusuf provided to take out the chopper straight ahead of you; then eliminate the N.O.O.S.E. officer taking cover behind the wall.

High Dive High Dive

Make your way across the roof towards the stairs, and collect the armour if you need it. Take out the cop situated at the top of the stairs, then go up and destroy the next helicopter. Climb the ladder and look west - there's another cop waiting and, yes, another chopper. Make your way around towards the next ladder, and again collect the armour if you need it. Now climb the ladder and begin chasing Ahmed.

High Dive High Dive

When you reach the top, Ahmed reveals it was a setup (as if it wasn't already obvious!) and that he planned to take over Yusuf's business. He begs for his life, but before he can finish he falls off. Now use the parachute that Ahmed gave you to parachute safely to the ground.

High Dive High Dive

TXTArmando now has parachutes available in his Gun Van. Select Armando from the Phonebook, and select "Gun Van" to arrange a meeting.

100% Targets

Time 0:04:10
Player Damage 50%
Headshots 6
Accuracy 70%
Helicopters Destroyed 4
Freefall Time  

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