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+$2,000 [Video]

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Troy, the doorman at Hercules, would rather work at Maisonette 9 because he isn't gay, but Luis won't allow him! Tony and Gracie arrive at the club, and Tony expresses his disappointment at the lack of business taking place at Hercules. The cutscene ends.

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In one of the previous missions, Tony briefly mentioned an internet blogger called the "Celebinator", who has been bad-mouthing Tony. Drop Tony and Gracie off at Gracie's apartment in Alderney, and head for the nearest internet cafe. Log on to a computer, select the Celebinator link, click "Leave Comment" and then click "Submit". Exit the internet cafe to complete the first part of the mission. You need to do more missions and wait for Gay Tony to call before proceeding with the second part.

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100% Targets (Part 1)

Time 0:02:30
Car Damage 0%

PhoneThe second part of the mission begins as soon as Tony calls. The Celebinator has agreed to go on a helicopter tour of the city with Tony!

Go to the heliport in Westminster and get in the chopper with Tony and the Celebinator. Fly the chopper towards Happiness Island - as high as possible - and fly through the red markers. After the cutscene, punch and/or slap the Celebinator until he falls out of the helicopter, or simply push him out instead. Catch the celebinator before he hits the water, and immediately activate the parachute. Land safely on the ground to complete the mission. It seems the Celebinator had a little accident on the way down.

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100% Targets (Part 2)

Time 0:02:10
Player Damage 0%
Time To Catch Blogger 0:00:08

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