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+$10,000 [Video]

Departure Time

Tony is preparing to leave Liberty City, but Luis convinces him to stay and take on Bulgarin. Tony heard through an associate that Bulgarin is involved in a heroin deal at Funland on Firefly Island, so go there after the cutscene.

Departure Time Departure Time

You need to destroy the heroin shipments in order to take out Bulgarin's income stream. Begin by throwing a grenade (or a sticky bomb) at the van up ahead. Eliminate any survivors from the blast, and then make your way towards the entrance of the amusement park. Use the entrance for cover, and take out the Russians in the amusement park. Destroy the two heroin shipments near the entrance (the yellow ducks are the heroin shipments) and then take cover behind the stationary car.

Departure Time Departure Time

Shoot the red gas tanks and the impact will eliminate your attackers. The impact will also cause some of the rides in the amusement park to start operating! Make your way towards the third shipment of heroin, eliminating the Russians as you go. Use the stationary cars and the ticket box for cover.

Departure Time Departure Time

There are several more gas tanks located throughout the amusement park, so try to use them to your advantage. As you approach the third shipment, watch out for the guy behind the van. Once it's been destroyed, collect the health pack from the wall and make your way to the other side of Funland. Go back the way you came, but watch out for more attackers! Collect the armour next to the ticket box where the first shipment was located.

Departure Time Departure Time

As you approach the final shipments, more attackers will spawn. There's two under the Liberty Eye, and more situated at the junction further up. Destroy the final shipments to trigger a cutscene - Timur claims that Bulgarin is at the airport, preparing to fly out of the country, so you need to kill Timur and get to the airport within two hours.

Departure Time Departure Time

Don't follow Timur directly into the amusement park. Instead, follow the path and use the entrance on the boardwalk. That way, you can avoid having to face (most of) Timur's protection. Once Timur is dead, go and get the bike. Again, use the boardwalk to get there.

PhoneBulgarin's assassins are waiting for you on the Dukes Expressway, and Yusuf has agreed to help.

Departure Time Departure Time

When you reach the Dukes Expressway, Yusuf appears overhead in the Buzzard. Follow Yusuf to the airport, as he takes out the Russian assassins on the expressway. Get to the runway, and catch up with The Blue Ghawar jet. Get close to the pink marker to initiate the cutscene - Luis kills the Russian and spectacularly jumps onboard.

Departure Time Departure Time

In the next scene, you are on the plane with three of Bulgarin's men firing at you. Once they are dead, Bulgarin emerges from the cockpit with a grenade. Execute Bulgarin, and watch as the plane explodes mid-air. Activate the parachute, and meet Gay Tony at the monoglobe in Dukes to conclude the mission.

Departure Time Departure Time

Achievement UnlockedAchievement unlocked: 30G - Maestro

TXTThe APC is now available from Henrique.

TXTThe Buzzard is now available from Yusuf's helipad on the West River.

100% Targets

Time 0:10:00
Player Damage 50%
Headshots 25
Accuracy 70%

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