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+$1,500 [Video]

No. 3

Take Mori and Brucie to the car park in Algonquin. Mori gives you a headpiece for the job that lies ahead. Remember, this is the last job you have to do for Mori. After it, he agrees to stay out of Tony's life forever.

No. 3 No. 3

Lower the platform and wait for Brucie to get in his car. Now do the same for yourself, and lineup behind the Kibbutz brothers. Follow Mori and Brucie, and don't let them get out of your sight. The police are soon on to you, but don't pay any attention to them, stay focused on the brothers. The camera changes to a cinematic mode when you reach the top of Northwood, but you still have control over the vehicle, so beware!

You don't have to drive at full speed in order to keep up with Mori, so take your time at corners and be careful not to crash. Continue following the Kibbutz brothers until you reach the ramp at Middle Park East. When you approach the ramp, do not focus on speed - focus on hitting the ramp at a good angle or you risk flipping your vehicle and failing the mission.

No. 3 No. 3

Now do the same for the second and third ramps, and be careful not to overshoot the third. Remember, the angle is most important - not the speed! Land safely on the container to complete the mission, and watch the hilarious cutscene that follows.

No. 3 No. 3

100% Targets

Time 0:05:15
Car Damage 20%
Top Speed 140mph
Followed Close  

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