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+$4,000 [Video]

Not So Fast

Remember those diamonds that got stolen by the bikers? Gay Tony has received a tip off that they are being sold at the Libertonian, so he wants you to go there and steal them. This mission intersects with two missions in previous GTA IV content: the mission called "Museum Piece" in GTA IV, and the mission called "Collector's Item" in The Lost and Damned. This is the only instance in the entire game where all three protagonists (Niko, Johnny and Luis) make an appearance - hence the achievement "Impossible Trinity".

Not So Fast Not So Fast

PhoneYusuf agrees to lend you his helicopter. Get to the heliport in Westminster!

Fly Yusuf's chopper to the roof of the Libertonian, and climb down the scaffolding to the window overlooking the deal. A cutscene is initiated, and the following events should be familiar to you if you've played any previous GTA IV content. Luis ambushes the deal, Niko escapes via the South exit of the museum, and Johnny escapes with Ray Boccino's money via the North exit.

Not So Fast Not So Fast

After the cutscene, climb the ladder and get into the Buzzard. Now destroy the pursuing police choppers, of which there are three in total. Spray them with rockets, or use the miniguns for a more precise attack... or, if you're feeling badass, fire both at the same time.

Not So Fast Not So Fast

When the choppers have been destroyed, take the Buzzard back to the helipad and give the diamonds to Gay Tony.

Not So Fast Not So Fast

Achievement UnlockedAchievement unlocked: 5G - Diamonds Forever

100% Targets

Time 0:04:35
Player Damage 20%
Helicopter Damage 80%

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