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+$1,000 [Video]

Momma's Boy

Luis's mother has been "living beyond her means" and a loan shark called Santo is threatening to burn down her house. Luis agrees to help Santo recover some of the debts.

Momma's Boy Momma's Boy

After the cutscene, walk down the street with Santo. Santo explains that he wants you to take part in a cage fighting match, so that you can fix it by deliberately losing and Santo can recover his debts.

Momma's Boy Momma's Boy

Walk into the fight club with Santo, and watch the introductory tutorial. Lock on to your first opponent, and use kick, punch or alternative punch to defeat him. Do the same for the second opponent.

Momma's Boy Momma's Boy

When the third opponent enters the cage, you are instructed to get your health below half and take a dive so that the opponent can win the match, but you don't have to do this. If you do as instructed, the opponent wins the game and the loan shark gets his money. If you win the game, the loan shark gets pissed off and once again threatens the mother, in which case you have to kill him.

100% Targets

Time 0:03:10
Player Damage 10%
Crowd Helped  
Counter Finish  

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