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Remember, kids - it's only illegal if you get caught!

I luv L.C.

The game begins with the McReary brothers and Niko robbing the Bank of Liberty in Algonquin. Once the robbers have left, Luis leaves the bank and gives evidence to the cops. He then proceeds to Gay Tony's apartment in Lower Easton. During the cutscene, Vince and Rocco (relatives of Gracie) pay a visit to Tony's apartment looking to collect some debts. They take some money and leave.

I luv L.C. I luv L.C.

After the cutscene, get in Tony's car and drive to the Hercules nightclub, which is represented by a pink icon on the radar. Stop in the pink marker and watch the cutscene, and afterwards take Tony to Maisonette 9. Again, stop in the pink marker and observe the cutscene. The cutscene provides a brief introduction to Maisonette 9, one of Gay Tony's nightclubs. You can dance, drink shots and perform a range of club management activities. Have a look around the club, and wait for Gay Tony to call you.

I luv L.C. I luv L.C.

After Tony has called, make your way to the entrance of Maisonette 9 and watch the cutscene. Luis's friends, Armando and Henrique, have been giving the doorman some grief. When the cutscene has finished, get in Tony's car and take Armando and Henrique to the projects in Northwood. Drop them off, and then go to your apartment in North Holland for a brief introductory tour. Here you can save the game, change clothes and watch television.

I luv L.C. I luv L.C.

TXTGay Tony sends a text message after the mission, saying he could do with some help over at Maisonette 9. You can go there and perform club management duties if you wish, but it's not a requirement to the story.

100% Targets

Time 0:04:30
Player Damage 0%
Car Damage 10%

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