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+$500 [Video]

Kibbutz Number One

Multiply Brucie's ego by ten and you get his older brother, Mori! Gay Tony owes Mori some money, so Luis has agreed to help him with some jobs.

Kibbutz Number One Kibbutz Number One

After the cutscene, get in the car with Mori and drive to the docks in Bohan. Stop in the pink marker and get down to the docks. The dealers are refusing to deal with Mori because they claim he ripped them off - and perhaps not surprisingly, a shootout begins.

Kibbutz Number One Kibbutz Number One

Use the boxes for cover to take out Mori's attackers. There's 7 targets on the radar to begin with - 4 just up ahead, 2 at the back, and 1 is situated on the upper floor of the building to the left. Start off with the 4 that are nearest to you, and throw a few grenades (if you have any available) to smoke them out from cover.

Kibbutz Number One Kibbutz Number One

Once the 4 closest rivals are dead, proceed forward, take cover, and a new target will appear on the radar. The new target is situated above you in the building and he is armed with a rocket launcher, so deal with him right away. More targets spawn as you proceed further along the dock, and the final target comes out of the building (he doesn't initially appear on the radar, so watch out).

Kibbutz Number One Kibbutz Number One

Walk down to the pink marker at the jetty. The objective now is to chase after the boats and destroy them using the sticky bombs that Mori has provided. Get up alongside the nearest boat, throw at least one sticky bomb on to it, put some distance between you and the other boat and detonate the bomb. Repeat this for the other two boats, and take Mori to the docks to finish the mission. When you're chasing the boats, be careful not to put too much distance between you and the furthest boat, or the targets will escape. Also make sure you're at a safe distance when you detonate the bombs, or your own boat will catch fire.

100% Targets

Time 0:05:00
Player Damage 50%
Headshots 10
Accuracy 70%
Boat Damage 60%
Top Boat Speed 70mph
Quickdraw the RPG  

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