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+$6,000 [Video]

In The Crosshairs

During the cutscene, Bulgarin asks Luis about the diamonds that Gay Tony bought. He gets Luis to clarify that Gay Tony bought them from a cook. For the next job, Bulgarin wants Luis to go and protect Timur.

In The Crosshairs In The Crosshairs

When the cutscene is over, go to the building in Little Italy and stop in the pink marker. In the next cutscene, Luis calls Bulgarin, and Bulgarin gets him to open the box. The box contains the head of the cook that Gay Tony got the diamonds from! Bulgarin then threatens to do everything in his power to drive Luis and Gay Tony from the Earth. He believes that Luis, Tony and the cook conspired against him.

In The Crosshairs In The Crosshairs

After the cutscene, face North and use the sniper rifle to take out the assassin. The sniper is situated directly ahead of you, on the building with the green section at the top, and he's much higher up than you. There are three other snipers in the area, but they only show up on the radar once they fire a shot, so you need to be alert and try to pinpoint their locations.

In The Crosshairs In The Crosshairs

Once the North sniper is dead, face West but don't go too far or you'll expose yourself to the West sniper AND the South-West sniper. Kill the West sniper - on the building directly ahead of you - and then kill the South-West sniper. Both of these snipers are at approximately the same height as Luis. Finally, take out the East sniper, who is slightly higher up than Luis.

In The Crosshairs In The Crosshairs

The fire exit is locked, so you need to make your way across the buildings and go down the fire escape. A helicopter and three cars containing Bulgarin's assassins arrive at the scene. Use the wall as cover and destroy the helicopter. There's another sniper on a building facing West, so take him out and then switch your attention to the assassins on the roof of the adjacent building. Sometimes the assassins throw grenades, but as long as you are in cover you shouldn't have to worry about them.

In The Crosshairs In The Crosshairs

If you have sticky bombs or grenades, launch a few on to the roof of the adjacent building, until there are no more attackers. Jump on to the next building, then the next, and take cover behind the fire exit. There's armour next to you if you need it. Remember the roof where you shot the last sniper? There's another guy there, and this guy has grenades. Use the sniper rifle to eliminate him, and then take out the attackers on the next roof.

In The Crosshairs In The Crosshairs

There are more assassins on the building to the South. Throw a grenade or a sticky bomb at the door directly behind them, and that should take care of them. Now jump on to the next roof and find cover. There's another assassin on the roof at the other side of the street, and one on the roof down below you. Once you've dealt with them, take out the assassins on the ground. Again, a few grenades or sticky bombs should take care of them. Make your way down the fire escape, kill the last attackers, and clear the area to finish the mission.

PhoneBulgarin repeats his threat. He's pissed off that you and Gay Tony took the diamonds, which were originally (allegedly) stolen from him.

100% Targets

Time 0:04:30
Player Damage 40%
Headshots 10
Accuracy 60%
4 shots, 4 snipers  

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