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+$1,500 [Video]

Practice Swing

Gay Tony's got a problem - he's sold the business to two different people and they each think they own the lot. One of the investors is Rocco, the same man who took cash from Tony in the previous mission. Tony has to "play nice" with Rocco until his debts have been cleared.

Practice Swing Practice Swing

Go and meet Rocco at the Golden Pier golf club. Rocco is using unorthodox methods to extract information from a union worker. He needs you to hit the union worker with some golf balls while he goes down to talk to him. Position the marker on the worker (zooming in may help you to position the marker more accurately); start the backswing, and hit the ball when the descending power bar reaches the black marker.

Practice Swing Practice Swing

Once you successfully hit the union worker, he reveals information to Rocco, but not enough to prevent a second golf ball attack! Re-position the marker at the new location, and repeat the steps mentioned before. Repeat the steps for a third time until the union official reveals everything. After the third hit, the union worker's protection arrives and a shootout takes place.

Practice Swing Practice Swing

Run down the stairs and take cover behind the caddy. You aren't given much ammo, so use what you have wisely! There are three cars full of Messinas (the union official's protection) - two are situated straight ahead, and the remaining car is situated to the left. Begin by attacking the car on the left. Shoot at it a few times until it catches fire, and the explosion will take out any attackers. Once the car is on fire, switch your attention to the two cars straight ahead, and begin systematically eliminating the attackers. There's about 8 different attackers in total, so make sure you blind fire to minimise the damage that you take.

Practice Swing Practice Swing

Once most of the Messinas are dead, get in the golf cart with Tony and follow Rocco out of the club. Don't pay any attention to the pursuers, just focus on keeping up with Rocco and try not to crash the golf cart. After the cutscene, take Tony back to his apartment to conclude the mission. He asks you to pay a visit to Mori (Brucie's brother) as he owes him some debts.

100% Targets

Time 0:04:00
Player Damage 50%
Headshots 11
Accuracy 70%
100% Golf Accuracy  

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