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Going Deep

Ray Bulgarin is determined to purchase The Rampage (Liberty City's ice hockey team) but the owner, Marki Ashvilli, won't sell it to him. As a result, Bulgarin is being investigated by the National Office of Security Enforcement, and a particular unit has a "hard-on" for him, he claims. The unit is corrupt, and is trying to set up Bulgarin by planting fake evidence on his car.

Going Deep Going Deep

After the cutscene, take Bulgarin and Timur to the carpark off Topaz Street in Algonquin. Park the car in the empty parking space next to the pillar, and throw a sticky bomb anywhere on the front of the car (to hide the bomb properly, aim for the lower left section of the front bumper when facing the car). For added chaos, throw some sticky bombs on the vehicles and pillars round about, and then take cover next to Bulgarin. Wait for the N.O.O.S.E. team to arrive, and detonate the bomb(s) when Bulgarin instructs you to do so.

Going Deep Going Deep

All hell breaks loose! Use the car for cover and eliminate the corrupt N.O.O.S.E. team. Timur runs directly in front of you, so be careful not to shoot him by accident. Also be careful if you're throwing sticky bombs, not to throw them too close to Bulgarin and Timur.

Going Deep Going Deep

Two more N.O.O.S.E. vans arrive. Try to blow up the vehicles before they can get out (using the sticky bombs) but if you don't manage, just eliminate them systematically as you normally would. When they are gone, two more squads arrive. Don't stay behind the same vehicle for too long - there's a lot of people shooting in your direction, so the car may eventually catch fire! To be safe, use one of the burned out vehicles instead.

Going Deep Going Deep

When all the N.O.O.S.E. guys are dead, follow Bulgarin and Timur towards the exit, and pick up the armour along the way. Use one of the Sprunk machines for health if you need it. Walk into the pink marker at the top of the car park, and destroy the final N.O.O.S.E. team approaching from the south (don't blow up the van or you risk killing Bulgarin and Timur). Now head North and take out the FIB agents. Lose the cops, and take Bulgarin and Timur back to Bulgarin's sister's house in Dukes.

Going Deep Going Deep

100% Targets

Time 0:06:30
Player Damage 50%
Headshots 20
Accuracy 70%
Vehicles Destroyed 5
Bomb Hidden  
Sticky Bomb Carnage  

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