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+$5,000 [Video]

Clocking Off

During the opening cutscene, Luis has an argument with his mother because she wants him to go to school and stop working at nightclubs.

Clocking Off Clocking Off

After the cutscene, drop your guns and go to school get in the car with Armando and Henrique and go to the pier in Bohan. Stop in the pink marker and watch the cutscene. A shipment of drugs is being brought in on a boat, and all you have to do is bring it to the car and get it back to Northwood. It's never as easy as it sounds, of course.

Clocking Off Clocking Off

Follow Henrique down to the pier, and walk over to the boat where the shipment is. A rival gang attempts to steal the shipment, and each attacker is represented by a red blip on the radar. Run back along the pier and take cover behind the blue container where Henrique is. There's a lot of people shooting at you from various directions, so try not to expose yourself too much. Blind fire and eliminate as many as you can, then move out and finish off the rest. The Assault SMG is good for blind firing.

Clocking Off Clocking Off

Follow Henrique up the stairs where more gangsters are waiting. Use one of the cars for cover and eliminate the gangsters on both sides. Once again, follow Henrique, take cover behind the boxes and finish off the final group of gangsters. The space here is more open, so you can start using grenades if you have some available.

Clocking Off Clocking Off

When the last attackers are dead, go back down the stairs and get into the car with Henrique. Escort the shipment back to the lockup to conclude the mission.

100% Targets

Time 0:05:00
Player Damage 40%
Headshots 20
Accuracy 55%

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