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+$10,000 [Video]

Sexy Time

Meet Yusuf Amir: an eccentric billionaire property developer from the Middle East. If you've played Grand Theft Auto IV, the name may sound familiar to you. Remember Playboy's mission where you had to take out the union officials at the construction site in Algonquin? That construction site is operated by Yusuf. Anyway, that's irrelevant just now - Yusuf wants to show his father he has connections by stealing a military helicopter for him, and Luis has agreed to help.

Sexy Time Sexy Time

After the cutscene, get to the marina in Castle Garden City and pick a boat. The helicopter is situated on a yacht out at sea. Approach the yacht slowly, and be aware of the patrol boat circling the yacht. If you get spotted it's no big deal, all it does is make things a little bit tougher (although it's arguably more fun that way!).

Sexy Time Sexy Time

Once you are on the yacht, go up the stairs and steal the Buzzard, or - if you got spotted by the patrol boat - kill everyone on board first. Once you have control of the Buzzard, fly back towards Algonquin.

PhoneYusuf calls before you reach Algonquin, and orders you to go back and destroy the yacht!

Sexy Time Sexy Time

Go back and use the Buzzard to destroy the yacht. You can fire miniguns (greater precision) or rockets (greater impact) or if you're really feeling badass you can fire both at the same time. Once you have caused considerable damage to the yacht, a cutscene shows it sinking (Titanic style) with everyone still on board.

Sexy Time Sexy Time

Now go after the fleeing arms dealers and destroy their boats. Be careful not to get too close to the water or the chopper will sink. Try to focus on one boat at a time - you can either fire as many rockets as possible and hope that one of them strikes the target, or use the miniguns for a precise attack. Or, as we suggested before, you can fire both at the same time if you're really feeling badass. If you are struggling to make contact with the boats, keep following them until you reach the old casino up in Westdyke (Alderney), where the arms dealers will attempt to flee on foot. Take as much time as you need, there is no rush to eliminate the arms dealers.

Sexy Time Sexy Time

To complete the mission, deliver the Buzzard to Yusuf's friend at the helipad in Lower Algonquin.

100% Targets

Time 0:06:00
Player Damage 0%
Boats Destroyed 4

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