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+$5,000 [Video]

Ladies Half Price

During the opening cutscene, Roman and Brucie are struggling to impress the doorman at Maisonette 9. Luis gives them access, and Roman heads down to get the drinks. Meanwhile, Brucie thanks Luis for the way he handled Mori, and then confirms what most of us suspected: he's a little bi-curious! When Gay Tony arrives, it's time to get down to business.

Ladies Half Price Ladies Half Price

After the cutscene, take Gay Tony to Pier 45 and stop in the pink marker. The kidnappers have agreed to exchange Gracie for the diamonds that Tony bought from the cook (which were then stolen by the bikers, and which Bulgarin is now claiming are his).

Ladies Half Price Ladies Half Price

Go to the Charge Island Sewage Works, where the exchange is set to take place. During the journey there, Luis suggests giving the diamonds to Bulgarin, but Tony would rather give them to the kidnappers, because if he doesn't, the Ancelottis will kill him anyway.

Ladies Half Price Ladies Half Price

Stop at the marker to trigger a cutscene. Niko and Packie exchange Gracie for the diamonds, and Bulgarin's army arrive to steal them back (remember that according to Bulgarin, the diamonds were originally stolen from him). One of Bulgarin's assassins jumps on the back of the boat.

Ladies Half Price Ladies Half Price

When the cutscene is over, you need to shake the gang member off the back of the boat. To do this, keep accelerating and swing the boat furiously from side to side until he falls off - or - a much easier way is to simply reverse the boat and he'll fall off right away. Once the assassin is gone, take the boat back to Pier 45.

Tip: After the cutscene where Gracie is exchanged, you can go back and watch Niko and Packie battle it out with Bulgarin's men!

PhoneYusuf offers you his Super Drop Diamond, as a reward for your help. You can pick it up at any time in front of Yusuf's pad in Middle Park East. He also gives you a Gold SMG.

PhoneRocco wants to meet you at the public toilets in Middle Park, to discuss Ray Bulgarin. Bulgarin has been talking with the Ancelottis, and things are about to get messy...

100% Targets

Time 0:03:55
Hanger On Time 0:00:07

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