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This Ain't Checkers

Get in the car with Mori and take him to the heliport in Algonquin. Mori wants to race you, and he agrees to stay out of Tony's life forever (after one more job) if you win. However, being the twat that Mori is, he's confident that won't happen!

This Ain't Checkers This Ain't Checkers

Wait until you are quite close to the ground before activating the parachute. If you activate it early, it will take you longer to reach the boat and the other racers will gain an advantage. Now pick a boat - the one closest to the Statue of Happiness (the Jetmax) is a bit easier to maneuver than the big ones behind it (the Blade and the Smuggler).

Now race through the checkpoints until you reach the land at Leftwood in Alderney. Hit the land at full speed, jump out and pick a car for the second part of the race. The land is a bit bumpy, so don't go too fast or you'll spin out of control - wait until you are on the road.

This Ain't Checkers This Ain't Checkers

Proceed through the checkpoints and activate the nitrous when you reach the long stretch of road leading to Algonquin. Activate the nitrous a second time just before you hit the last checkpoint, to finish the race. Mori now has one last job for you, after which he promises to stay out of Tony's life forever.

This Ain't Checkers This Ain't Checkers

100% Targets

Time 0:07:35
Player Damage 0%
Landed in Boat  
Always First  

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