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+$5,000 [Video]

Party's Over

Bulgarin has told Mr. Ancelotti he wants the head of anyone involved with the diamonds. Mr. Ancelotti is pissed, not just because of the diamond fiasco which led to Gracie being kidnapped, but also because of the triad dispute (see the mission "Chinese Takeout" for details). Rocco reckons he can cut a deal, by giving Mr. Ancelotti one body - either Luis or Tony. Rocco then asks Luis to consider killing Tony.

Party's Over Party's Over

Go to Maisonette 9 and walk over to the pink marker to start the cutscene. Rocco and Vince are already at the club with Tony, and Luis must now make his decision. Rocco gives Luis the gun, but he kills Vince instead. Tony stops Luis from killing Rocco too, because Rocco is a made man with lots of connections, and they don't need any more mafia trouble right now. Meanwhile, Bulgarin's assassins are preparing to storm the club.

Party's Over Party's Over

After the cutscene, take cover behind the pillar next to Tony (the one with the green Maisonette 9 signs on it). Several waves of Russians enter the club via the far entrance. To say there is a sh*tload of them would be an understatement - the place is literally crawling with them! For that reason, you can't afford to expose yourself too much otherwise your health will run down quickly. Pick a weapon with a high fire and damage rate (e.g. the Assault Rifle or Carbine Rifle) and blind fire to minimise your exposure. If you're struggling, use a Grenade Launcher instead, and keep launching grenades towards the far entrance as the Russians enter the club.

Party's Over Party's Over

The Russians continue to storm the club for approximately three minutes. Some of them head for the VIP area, so keep an eye on the radar at all times and watch for them coming up the stairs. There's a health pack behind you if you need it, but try to save it for as long as possible.

Party's Over Party's Over

When the Russians finally stop attacking, CCTV shows more of them arriving outside. Head for the main entrance of the club, and collect the health/armour from the management office if you require it. Don't go through the door yet! Shoot the door open from inside the club, and use the Explosive Shotgun to blow up the cars. Then go out and finish off any survivors. As soon as you go outside, another car load of Bulgarin's men arrives, so try to kill as many as possible before going outside. Two more car loads (plus a bike) containing Bulgarin's backup arrives. Finish them off to complete the mission. After the mission, Gay Tony is pissed and claims he is leaving town.

Party's Over Party's Over

100% Targets

Time 0:04:30
Player Damage 90%
Headshots 25
Accuracy 70%
Enemy Cars Destroyed 4

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